Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Beauty Blogger Award!

I am incredibly honored to have been tagged by Miss Vintage Vogue for this Beauty Blogger Award. To say I am stunned is an understatement, my blog is so new I never expected this at all! Thank you for your kindness and support Miss Vintage, your a sweetie and hugs come your way xxxx.

Okay, in return for this award I have to list 7 things about me and to tag some blogs I love......

7 Things About Me!

1. I used to design and create artist bears for seven years. These were one-off designer bears made from mohair and vintage fabrics. I loved doing this and had a great time attending bear fairs all over the UK, meeting fellow artists and bear lovers. The bears were sold all over the world and I was lucky enough to win a few awards from magazines over the years.

2. I also used to be a dental nurse before my daughter was born, loved the job but am terrified of dentists myself ! lol Made me a very sympathetic nurse though, always there to hold hands and reassure.

3. I have been married for 18 years to a wonderful guy, we have been together for 20 years now. He puts up with all my addictions and fads as they come and go and is always supportive and there to buy me a new polish/konad plate/cosmetic item when I give him that familiar begging face. He is my love, my support, my laughter and my very best friend. The patience of a saint that one, I'm a lucky girl.

4. I'm nuts about animals. Dogs are my weakness, I have always had a dog from being very small and I guess my life will always have a dog in it. My current buddie is Abbie, a cute Springer Spaniel cross who is a complete mad mutt. She came along when I was feeling very low and filled my life with some much needed laughter with her silly antics. I also have two Bettas (fighting fish) Loki and Cloud.

5. I collect things about Marilyn Monroe. I have loved her since I was a teenager and find her whole personality beautiful. I mainly collect books on her and have some lovely ones now.

6. I am terrified of spiders! Trouble is they seem to know it and prey on me. I am forever having the horrid things jump on me, drop on me, crawl over me, it's like I attract them. I actually freak out and scream the house down when they come near me. Ask my poor Husband who has had to spend the last 20 years picking them up and taking them outside then trying to calm me down while I go hysterical.

7. My daughter is my only child and I had her at home, something that was quite rare in the UK at the time. I even got through it with no pain relief, not that I didn't want it near the end, ouch lol. She is one of my greatest achievments in life and is a great girl and a wonderful soul.

Okay, now have to tag some of my favourite blogs for the award:

Confessions of a Make-up Addict: I have been following Sirvinya for a while now and love her videos on YouTube. She is open and honest about the products she talks about and I appreciate the many reviews she does, you have saved me wasting money a few times and cost me a fortune at other times lol

Scrangie: Love this blog too. Whenever I want a new polish I check here first, here swatches are fabulous and she too has cost me a fortune with her reviews and polish swatches, love it!

Polish Hoarder Disorder: Another great nail site. I love her posts and nail art/konad designs, just fabulous.

Emerald Sparkled: Nails again, some great posts about polishes and Konad, visit every day.

Kronicles of a Konader
: Another one I visit daily for updates. Great chatty posts and wonderful konad designs.


Trincess said...

Thanks for tagging me sweet friend =) Will attend to this as soon as possible =) I've added your blog to my blogroll, can't wait to see more!

Polish Hoarder said...

Oh thank you for tagging me!! :)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

No worries, you both deserve it. I love your blogs and check them daily for updates. This is such a great community, I have been made to feel very welcome and am really enjoying it!

Sirvinya said...

Thankyou for tagging me, I really appreciate it xxx

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Your welcome Sirvinya, your blog is great and I love watching your reviews on YouTube!

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