Monday, 26 April 2010

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer review - my new HG?

I am always buying new concealers, it is a bit of an obsession with me, I just never seem to be able to find my Holy Grail concealer!

I saw this one in Superdrug and decided to try it out. It appears to be similar to YSL Touche Eclait, which I hate. I think it is a very over-rated product that does nothing for me personally and it is so expensive too. This one looks similar and costs only £5.99 rrp though Superdrug had it on offer at only £3.99! Much cheaper than YSL which cost me around £23 last time I bought it.

This claims to conceal and highlight in one, as well as blend to your skin tone, Mmmmm, I wasn't so sure about that claim!! I got the Ivory shade as I am fair to medium toned skin. There were two darker shades available too, though none were very dark, so maybe they should create more shades, three seems a bit sparse.

I do suffer with dark circles, lack of sleep really shows on me and I never seem to be able to cover them convincingly, improve them yes, cover no.

The concealer I normally use the most is Benefit Boing in Fair, though it is a bit too light for me. I find it does give okay coverage for under-eyes, but it is drying and can settle into fine lines after a few hours, not a great look. I always applied lightly with a brush then patted it into my skin. It was okay, better than most, but just not quite there for me. At £15.50 it is not cheap either.

So I gave this new Rimmel a try, very sceptical about its claims........well, it goes on very smooth. It has a built5 in brush and the concealer is squeezed through the brush (same as YSL), the concealer is a lightweight cream, not claggy at all. I used the brush to sweep a small amount over the dark area under my eye, then patted it into place. It covers very well and the colour matched my skin to perfection. I was very surprised about the colour match to be honest, most Ivory shades tend to be a tad too light for me, but this is perfect. Maybe the match perfection claim is true!?

My husband even said he could see a huge difference when I showed him, he was very impressed and thought it made my dark areas almost invisible. I too was very impressed, but how would it wear? After all it is very cheap......well, by the end of the day, a good eight hours later, it had not moved at all, it still gave the same coverage it had when I applied it, and even better, it had not settled into my fine lines!

before blending, not quite my shade, fairly obvious on my skin
(swatch done on my inner arm, so it is very light, my face is a little darker)

after blending, virtually invisible!
(swatch done on my inner arm, so it is very light, my face is a little darker,
but it still blends the same!)

I have to say, I am hugely impressed with this and I think I may have finally found my Holy Grail of concealers ! I love this stuff, cheap, easy to find and it actually works and stays put all day and leaves your fine lines alone.

Available from Boots, Superdrug and most UK supermarkets.


Ritalime said...

Wow, not bad - I've been looking for a better concealer too! I have combination/oily skin - dry around the eyes and bridge of my noise, so concealers always seem to settle into my fine lines after a few hours. Will surely give this product a try.

jaljen said...

Sounds good. This could be for me.

Jo Woods said...

wow sounds really good, I'm trying to decide which foundation and concealer to try next, this one might be a winner, excellent review. thanks xxx

PiNkIsH said...

You just convinced me to buy it :)

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