I am always being asked about the Konad Polishes, so I thought best to add a dedicated page so you can access them more easily, rather than trawling through archives :o)

Here I show all the konad polishes I have and swatch them on 4 base colours for you.

I used the following polishes for base colours:

Barry M Grey ( darker than CG Recycle)
Wet n Wild White
Barry M Baby Pink
China Glaze For Audrey

I think these colours will help show how they print on various tones of polish, we have seen greys and white before, but it may help more to show some pastel bases too, hence my choice of For Audrey and Baby Pink.

Key to Konad Polishes used (I don't own them all, sorry)

Special Polishes
A - White
1 - Black
2 - Black Pearl
3 - Red
4 - Blue
5 - Gold
6 - Pastel Green
7 - Pastel Blue
8 - Pastel Violet
9 - Pastel Pink

Princess Polishes
10 - Princess Violet Pearl
11 - Princess Psyche Pink
12 - Princess Chocolate
13 - Princess Light Grey

First on Barry M Grey (darker than CG Recycle)
as you can see, the darker colours aren't as stark as the pastels, but they are still okay.
Chocolate and Violet Pearl don't show so much.

Second on Wet n Wild White
I didn't bother with white on this one! Pastel green looks invisible here, the rest fare well

Thirdly on Barry M Baby Pink
as expected, the pastel violet, pink and green don't show so well, the rest are okay

Last but not least, on China Glaze For Audrey
Here we see that the pastel blue, green, violet and pink don't show so well, the rest are fine

I have to say I think the must have polishes are White and Black, you can't really beat these for intensity.
My other favourite is Princess Psyche Pink, love that one!
The Black Pearl is slightly more purple black and has a subtle shimmer.
The Gold is not as sheer as I have been led to believe, though not as good as CG Khromes........
The Princess Violet Pearl looks more of a grey/lilac, it is not as bright as I have seen elsewhere, maybe they changed the formula, or the standard violet pearl is brighter.......useable but not the nice purple as I was after. Looks better over pinks as this warms it up.

The standard special polishes were all thick as we know konad polishes to be, the brushes were good too. The Princess polishes varied a bit more, the chocolate was thinner and the brushes varied, out of the four I have, two were perfect and two were splayed out badly, still okay for konad purposes though.

Hope that helps some of you decide if Konad Special Polishes are needed or not, and which ones would suit your purpose.

Other Polishes can work

I know China Glaze polishes work well, especially the metallic ones. They dry super quick though so you must work much faster than with konad polishes.

Collections I know that work :
China Glaze Khromes
China Glaze Romantiques
China Glaze Up & Away
OPI Hong Kong cremes
Stargazer Chromes

However, any pigmented or thick polishes are worth a try, especially opaque creme polishes.
Try them out over old mani's before you remove them, this means you are not spoiling a new mani and you can try different polishes on each finger to see what works.
In my experience, most opaque creme polishes  do work without any issues, just give them all a go.

Just experiment and have fun, it is all part of the Konad experience......


Tiana said...

Wow this post is awesome! Thanks! :)

Polish and Powder said...

Tiana: thank you, hope it helped :o)

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