Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The UK stops as Snow Falls from the Skies!!!

Okay, so the UK has had some snowfall, granted it is the heaviest we have seen in donkeys years, but everything seems to grind to a halt here in the UK !
Here in the London area, it is pretty mild compared to the rest of the country. We have had a few inches fall overnight, but it is set to snow the rest of today.
My daughter's school has closed, much to her delight, though she was annoyed they didn't say until after she had washed her hair and put on her make-up! My poor Husband is currently freezing his bits off at the station waiting for a train, his first two have been canceled. The UK is officially on no go. Now this is pretty typical for the UK and its reaction to snow.
I put an order in for OPI and China Glaze polishes, along with some Konad plates and the lady who posted them said her area is snowed in so Royal Mail may not be able to collect the parcel from her Post Office! Now I am gutted! I was so looking forward to getting some new bits and bobs today, fingers crossed it still arrives, but I am not as optimistic now..... :o( My beloved polishes and plates are stuck in the cold somewhere, waiting to come home.
Sorry, but when I was younger, it used to snow properly, snow falling day after day for a week or two on end. I still had to trudge through the snow and walk to school, it never shut, unless the heating broke down. People still got trains and buses to work, and the world still managed to function on a slower but still usual level. So why have the reactions to snow changed so much over the years? I really don't get it.
Where I am we only have a few inches, I took a photo, but as you can see, it is not that impressive, snow wise.

So I am just gonna kick back with the rest of the UK and it's snow day. I sit here, all warm and cosy, with a cup of tea, wishing you all a great day ahead. Stay warm, stay happy and stay safe.

UPDATE: Okay, 6 hours have past and I now admit it, it is getting pretty bad here now. Snow has not stopped falling all day and it now looks a lot more impressive than this morning!

PS: My dog's tail is not stunted as it looks in photo! She has a white tip to her tail which blends with the snow making her tail look cut off. Rofl


Heather said...

It's snowing so bad in the US too, at least in Illinois. We has easily 8 inches of snow today, maybe more, and it snowed for half of the day. No school made me :D

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

This snow seems to be getting everywhere. THe whole of the UK is snowed in and now you tell me the US is suffering too!
My daughter has loved her college being closed to LOL She is just sad she still has to go in next week for some exams.
Be sure to stay warm and be safe

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