Monday, 4 January 2010

Benefit offer for January - freebies !!

I went into my local Debenhams, this is where I get most of my Benefit from....they are currently running an offer on the Benefit counter. If you book a make-up lesson and then buy a Benefit product afterwards, you will get a free Betty brush bag worth £19.50!! Not bad eh?

I got mine at the weekend and it's fab, the bag is nicely made and perfect for travelling. It contains four brushes (blusher, fluffy eye-shadow, talent eye brush and slanted eyeliner brush) and they are pretty decent quality, I am happy enough with it anyway, especially for free! I believe this offer only runs for January, it may also be restricted to Debenhams stores too, so hurry up. More details of offer can be seen by following this link DEBENHAMS BENEFIT OFFER

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