Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A Valentines Konad M19 & M56 - French Hearts alternate colour

Here is the mani I am wearing today........thought I would celebrate my 100 followers day with my favourite Konad design, yours too from the response it got :o)

As this was such a popular mani, (you can find it here) and I loved it too. I could not resist trying it in a different colour scheme......This pattern is fast becoming one of my favourites, it just looks too adorable,I never want to take these ones off !

I used M19 with konad Pastel Violet, then went over the top of that with M56 and konad Violet Pearl special polish.

Violet Pearl is available is both the Konad Special and Princess polishes. I was disappointed to find the Princess version was more dingy and looked a grey/purple, not what I was after.
I ordered the special Violet Pearl and low and behold it is brighter, it is an actual purple, the shade I had expected first. So I recommend the Special polish version over the Princess.


gildedangel said...

That is so cute!! I need to try something like this.

Niki* said...

This is SO cute!!!! I'm searching for some Vday inspiration for a mani and this may be it! :D

Btw I nom'd you for a blog award on my blog!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Thank you Niki, you made my evening, will have to have a think who to nominate chose the same as I would have done lol

susies1955 said...

Beautiful. I still haven't tried plate M19 yet. Maybe when my nails grow out again.
Love following you,

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