Monday, 29 March 2010

Gosh polish - Purple Heart

Hi Girls,

I have had to resort to dark shades while my index and middle nails grow out. I apologise for the stubby-ness of those nails in this and future photos.
I have been so unlucky lately and have broken the same three nails, twice over the past couple of weeks. Why do they always break right down to the nail line!!! ARRGGHHHHHHH, they look so ugly now, but I had to keep posting as I didn't want to let you all down :o) Let's hope we don't see too many of these ugly pics and they grow out fast !! Though I seem to be going through a breaking phase and my nails are suffering bad from too much chemical exposure.
Ah well, good excuse to get out those vampy shades LOL

Today I have a swatch of Gosh Purple Heart, a lovely duo-tone purple/green polish.
It looks amazing in the bottle, flashing between a royal purple and bottle green, but I have to say, it falls a little flat on the nail.
It is a duo-tone, but it just does not really work as well on the nail as say a Nubar duo-tone does. Nubar make some of the best duo-tones, and this falls far short of their quality and effect.
Don't get me wrong, it is a very pretty polish, but don't expect a fab duo-tone effect. It does have two different colours but it depends on the lighting, rather than flashing between the two in an obvious way.

In bright light it sparkles a rich bright metallic purple, in low light and indoors it looks a more dull olive green.

The application was fine, a bit on the thin side, but went on well and was opaque in two coats.
It is still a lovely polish, just not the fab duo-tone it promises to be.


Biba said...

It's still a lovely colour!

Alisa said...

Colours like this look great on stubbies!

Sarah said...

Don't appologize for having short nails! They're still lovely. :)
I have super small nail beds, so I have perpetual stubbies! Count yourself lucky that your 'short' nails are about the same length mine are when LONG. lol

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Biba: thank you!

Alisa: thanks :)

Sarah: yeah, I am lucky my nails beds are fairly okay. I just think I have done major damage with so many mani's lately. Went from one a week to approx 4-5 a week, not good for the old nails LOL

Lily nail said...

lovely color !!

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