Monday, 19 April 2010

Haul - OPI Hong Kong polishes

After waiting what feels like forever, I finally have four of the new OPI Hong Kong collection polishes.

I only went for the darker ones, as I have so many pastels already.

I bought, Jade is the New Black, Suzi say Feng Shui, Dim Sum Plum and Chop-sticking to my Story. What I loved about all these shades is that they are bright, but have a muted tone to them. This makes them very different to any of the polishes I already have. I love that slightly dirty tone they have it makes then much easier to wear.

I did some swatches, but they are not too accurate, especially on the fuchsia and orange one, they are not as bright as pictured. Hopefully when I get round to wearing them I can get some more accurate pictures for you. However, there are tons of swatches on the net anyway, so you won't have any problems finding them.

Jade is the New Black and Suzi say Feng Shui,

Dim Sum Plum and Chop-sticking to my Story


ANSTAH said...

I LOVE those colors. Seriously, they're so not what you expect them to be. Enjoy those colors!!! =D

FitterTwit said...

Not only do I ADORE the name of Suzie Says Feng Shui, but the color is the BEST blue I've ever worn... and I typically look TERRIBLE in blue. This one is AWESOME!!! :) Great post!

Krystal Leigh said...

Been thinking of hauling some of these myself. Not sure which ones to get still. AHH!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Anstah: Love them too, you are so right, they are different to other similar shades, they have that slightly dirty, dusky look to them that I love

FitterTwit: I love blues too, i don't care if they suit me, I wear them anyway lol

Krystal: They are fab, depends what you already have. I got the dusky shades as they were so different, but stayed away from the pastels as I felt they look quite similar to many others I have and were more dupable.

Sarah said...

These are gorgeous colours! Great choices. I especially love Suzi says Feng Shui and Dim Sum Plum. They are so nice! Very wearable too. Can't wait to see you wearing these. :)

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