Monday, 15 March 2010

Nails Inc Haul - Bargain Set!

Hi Girls

I saw this offer pack while shopping in Debenhams, they have a lovely Nails Inc counter in my local store. I don't usually buy Nails Inc as I think £10.50 is a bit on the steep side for their polishes. For that price I would rather buy China Glaze or OPI. I only had four Nails Inc polishes, all of which I got as part of a free giveaway on the cover of Glamour magazine, so they only cost me the £2 cover costs, otherwise I don't bother with them.

However, I was very happy to see this set offered in my local store.

It contains seven 'catwalk inspired nail polishes' I suspect these are discontinued colours as they don't appear on the site, or they have been created for this set. So normally these would have retailed at £10.50, making them RRP £73.50. I got the set for the bargain price of £20 making each polish approx £2.87 each!!!! Now that I don't mind, and the green was calling my name so I bought the set.

Top Row:
Mercer Street - a salmon toned red creme
St. James's Square - a warm beige creme
Great Windmill Street - a dusky soft pink creme

Bottom Row:
Elgin Avenue - a rich charcoal grey creme
Chandos Place - a vibrant navy shimmer
Portman Close - a vibrant fushia pink creme
Berkley Street - a fab milky green creme, mid way between mint and grass

I am very happy with all the shades, they are very wearable and I think a real bargain!


Jenny$1983 said...

Ooh, that's such a bargain ... I've been put right off trying Nails Inc because of the price, but this is great. Hm, I wonder if I could find this in my nearby Debenham's...? ;)

gildedangel said...

Great haul!

Cali369 said...

I looked at this on the Debenhams site but didn't go for it because the colours all looked kinda familiar and while I *love* their polish, I've been duped by Nails Inc before. I bought an 'exclusive' collection from ASOS which turned out to be 'exclusive' names but duplicate polishes - grrrggghhh - I've been meaning to write them a strongly worded email ever since... I'd love to see a comparison with some of the 'regular' colours.

Cali369 said...

Oh and make sure you sign up for the nails inc newsletter, they often do great deals with 7 polishes for £20. I have prob. close to *mumble* 100 Nails Inc's and didn't pay full price for a single one!

Vintage and Cake said...

God I love nail polish I am currently addicted to Barry M, I love this blog and your nail design's are amazing !!!!!!!!!!!


BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

thanks for the comments girls!

Jenny: Hope you get hold of some :)

Cali: I would never buy Nails Inc if they weren't on offer, they are just not worth the £10 price tag to me. I only had a few before this offer so I wasn't fussed if they were discontinued or rebranded ones. Plus I had some money on my Debenhams beauty card and had to get something, so it made it even cheaper LOL.......

Vintage and Cake: OMG! I love Barry M, their nail polishes are amazing, I have a fair few of them now. So cheap and amazing quality, love em!!

susies1955 said...

Nice haul. Great price. I've never seen the stores you write about but it is still cool to read. :)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Wow, what aa bargain! I tend to stick to polishes that are cheaper, I feel I can't justify spending so much on polishes!

Your posts are coming up on my google reader for some reason and it is really anoying me >:[


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