Monday, 12 April 2010

Polish Comparisons - Glitter Top Coats

Hello Ladies!

Today's comparison is a bit different. not colours this time, but Glitter type Top Coats, a nice change and good for blinging up our regular polishes.

The selection here shows:

La Femme Beauty Fairy Dust, Maybelline Flash Cosmic, China Glaze Wireless,
Gosh Rainbow and Gosh Bright Passion

La Femme Beauty Fairy Dust - I got this off Ebay, never heard of this make before, its a cheapie and not bad. It is a clear jelly with small particles of multi-coloured glitter. Your pretty typical glitter top coat. A more subtle one and great to build up. Coverage is more random though so you have to work at the bare patches ;)

Maybelline Flash Cosmic - this is a clear varnish with larger flakes of iridescent glitter, they flash blue when the light hits. Good coverage with one coat and very pretty.

China Glaze Wireless - I love this one. It has the tiniest pieces of holographic glitter which give multi-coloured bling to your polish. You get a great, really even coverage with one coat and it can build up well with more. A very subtle and pretty top coat, I adore this one.

Gosh Rainbow - is stunning! My only flakie and it is fab. It has larger iridescent flakes suspended in a clear jelly. The coverage is really good and the effect amazing. These flakes flash from gold, to orange, to green and even show pinks and purples in certain lights. Scrummy! See my review and swatches here.

Gosh Bright Passion - is a stick type glitter. It is suspended in a murky grey/black jelly so is only really suitable over very dark polishes. It sparkles in rainbow tones when the light hits. I'm not too sure on this one. I wanted to like it, but I am not a fan really. Looks lovely over black, but only when used sparsely, too much and it looks like you dipped your fingers in hundred and thousands (sugar cake decorations) LOL

The photos show one coat over a plain black polish.


KONADomania said...

Great comparison! I'm really lemming for this gosh<3 just perfect! I also use China glaze Fairy dust as a topcoat, gives great result too:)

FitterTwit said...

That Gosh DOES rock... I JUST tried the China Glaze Fairy Dust and I'm loving that too! :)

Sarah said...

I'm not a huge shimmer/sparkle fan, but I'm loving the Gosh Rainbow and CG Holo!! Those are beautiful!

Emma said...

i just love thanks for giving me more to add to my list!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Glad you enjoyed the post girls. Seems we all like the same ones :)

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