Thursday, 1 April 2010

Gosh polish - Rainbow


Okay today we have a fabulous polish, bit of a Gosh week this week lol.
Unlike the last Gosh I swatched, this one is all it promises to be and more..........

Gosh Rainbow is a clear, jelly like polish filled with iridescent flakies!! It is just gorgeous. It actually looks pretty boring in the bottle, but once on the nail.....WOW!!!!! I adore this polish and it is one I have actually bought a second bottle of, as I would hate to never be able to get it again. Flakies are just so hard to find in the UK, so this is a must have polish.

The application is a dream, just one coat gives lots of flakes on the nail and does not leave the nail too bumpy in feel, it was great.

I used this as a top coat over Gosh's Purple Heart, swatch can be found from the link at start of post.

Doesn't this look incredible!? It just comes alive over dark polishes and the flakes just shimmer like embers. They flash from predominantly gold, to green to orange, to yellow, but there are even some pinks and purples in certain lighting.

If you can't find Nfu-oh's like me, then this really is a must have polish, go out and grab one today!


Redz2486 said...

I bought this at the weekend, and it's a gorgeous polish, great for a adding a bit of sparkle to any colour =).

Juicy Nails said...

I love him really!!! <3 so beautiful!!!

Biba said...

Oh, this one is great!

Jenny$1983 said...

Oh I love this! I was so happy to buy it, I love flakies and hate that they're so rare in the UK, as you say.

The first time I wore it it was over OPI Holiday Glow and it looked *amazing* even on my supershort nails (I think that was the first one I wore after I hacked 'em all after the three breaks); then I matted it and it was hard to resist drooling constantly over my nails :D

KONADomania said...

Want, want, want!! Gorgeous<3

Alisa said...

I have this polish too and it's one of my favourites!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

thanks for your comments girls, this is a great polish. e are so starved of flakies here in the UK, so this is a very welcome one for us. So pleased those of you that have tried this also love it.

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