Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Polish Comparisons - Yellows

Hi Girls,

Okay here is another in my series of colour comparisons. As you know, I wanted to be able to show the colour groups in my collection and maybe help you to choose the right shade for you, or to see if you already have dupes in your collections.

Today we have yellows, now I only have four of these, not the easiest colour to wear so I don't have many of them :)

I have OPI Lemonade Stand by Your Man, Nubar Lemon Sorbet,
Barry M Yellow and OPI The 'IT' color

OPI Lemonade Stand by Your Man is a sheer polish which can be built up to be more opaque on the nail, four coats gives great deep colour, one gives subtle colour, the photos below show three coats. It has lots of bling quality as it is filled with shimmery goodness.

Nubar Lemon Sorbet is a wonderful, pastel yellow creme, it is very pale and applies very opaque without being chalky. It is a lovely polish, the photo shows 2 coats.

Barry M Yellow is a bright yellow creme. It applies opaque and two coats was good to go, great quality for such a cheap polish! Gotta love those Barry M's.

OPI The 'IT' color is a another bright yellow creme, this time it has a more golden yellow tone, almost like a rich golden egg yolk shade. The photo shows three coats, though two is pretty good as well.

with flash

natural light

Hope you enjoyed the colours and the post. More polish comparisons in the near future.


jaljen said...

An excellent comparison. Very well-presented and highly informative.
On the downside I now have 3 new polishes to buy!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

thank you! rofl, sorry jaljen, but I'm sure you'll love them when you get them, not 3 yellows? ;o)

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