Monday, 14 June 2010

Bourjois/Gosh Polish Haul and a new bag!

HI Girls :o)

Went shopping at the weekend and grabbed a few polishes that were on offer........

Boots were doing 3 for 2 on lots of cosmetic ranges,  so I grabbed three new Bourjois polishes, No24, No9 and Rose Lounge.  The ones with micro glitter are really pretty.  The darker one flashes green/purple within the black/charcoal, sort of an oil-slick kind of shimmer.  It is not as flashy on the nail, but it does have a definite green glow when the light catches it, very pretty and makes it a more interesting charcoal shade.  The deep burgundy/purple is stunning, it has a strong purple/gold shimmer in the bottle and a depth on the nail as the glitter glows within the polish when the light catches it, subtle though, not blingy.  The pale pink/beige cream is just a good basic clean nail shade, nice and safe :o)

No24, No9 and Rose Lounge

Superdrug were doing 2 Gosh polishes for £8 so I grabbed Black Passion and Green Hawaii.   Black passion has micro glitter in, I think it is silver, hard to say really as it is more hidden in the black polish, but it stops it looking like a flat black and has a silvery sheen to it.  Green Hawaii is a bright apple green filled with rainbow glitter.

I also popped into Debenhams to see if a bag I had fallen for was still there, it was so I grabbed that too.  I got a bit cheeky as it was the last one, so I wheeled and dealed with them and got £5 off my £35 bag, so ended up paying only £30.  I was very happy, not a pricey or flashy bag, but a cute one.  I needed a grey bag and this fits the bill perfectly.  It is made from gorgeous grey suede, and the frills are adorable!!  It is not huge, just a nice neat grab bag, perfect for nights out.

Will be swatching the polishes as soon as I can :)
Hope you all had a great weekend, did you get anything new?


Laura said...

LOVE the bag!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Laura: thanks, I have wanted it for ages, so am a happy bunny now its mine :)

Tassa said...

I can't wait to see swatches. :)

And the bag is super cute! :)

Gejba Parokeets said...

Black passion looks hot. :)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Tassa: will do some soon :o) thank you!!

Gejba: I know, it is a nice one. Might be black but its a good black ;o)

jaljen said...

I'm very keen on Bourjois products. Looking forward to seeing 24 and 9.

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