Monday, 7 June 2010

Nubar polish - Absolute

I love Nubar, they make some awesome polishes.  They are just one of the best when it comes to duo-chromes and glittery polishes. I saw the Prisms collection and decided I had to try a couple of them.
The collection is made up of holo polishes, half the collection has very fine scattered holo, making them more subtle and the other half has more chunky holo glitter and are really blingy.
I had read a few reviews on them and went for this one, even though it is very sheer, something I usually hate, but the colour was just so unusual and pretty I had to give it a go........

Okay, so they are right, it is quite sheer, it took four coats to get the finish I was happy with.  Three was acceptable but had very visible nail line (VNL), so I went for a fourth and that was the charm.  Having said that my first two coats were thin ones, so it may be a three coater if you apply a little thicker.
Normally I hate doing so many coats, but I have to say, this formula was super smooth, thin and not draggy at all.  It was a pleasure to use and dried fairly quickly, not as fast as some holo's, but way faster than standard polishes.  I also think this polish is so beautiful that the effort is totally worth it!

I used Nubar's Diamont top coat (first time using it), this dries super fast, it was literally drying while I applied it! So four coats are not so much of an issue if you have a quick dry top coat to hand.  I decided to give Nubar TC a try as I have heard great things about it and, as much as I love SV, I hate the shrinkage I sometimes get with it, so will be interesting to see if this helps.

I am in love with this polish.  The colour is just so delicate and beautiful, a real soft, icy, almost aqua blue.  It can look dusky indoors and more vivid outside.  The holo effect is much more subtle than say ChG OMG polishes or on Nubar's other holo polish Reclaim, but you can see the blingy sparkles easily in sunlight and bright lighting, it is just not in your face, and I am happy with that, it is low level bling and sometimes we need something more classy.  It does give it a lovely textured looking finish, almost stone-like with a flash of holo showing through when the light catches it.

How does it wear, as holo's don't always last too long?  Well I love the ChG OMG polishes, but they wear bad on me, I am lucky if it doesn't chip within 24 hours, I put up with it as they are pretty.  The older ChG Kaleidoscope polishes are a bit better. 
This Nubar one is fab, 24 hours later, not a mark on it, still perfect.  No chips, no shrinkage, nothing, looks as good as the moment I put it on and that is not bad for so many coats.  I am very impressed with this polish.
Five days later and it looks amazing still, honestly, I have never had a mani last this long on me and not chip!  Minimal tip wear (less than I get with SV shrinkage), teeny amount, and still mega shiny, this must be down to the Nubar Diamont top coat, this seems to be amazing stuff......

If you have been debating whether to get this one, go for it.  The four coats are not really an issue, just give yourself a bit more time, the pay-off is so worth it.

I adore this polish so much, it is mega pretty and delicate!  I am so pleased I bought a few from this collection, will be swatching those as well as soon as I can   :o)


Tiana said...

Awesoooooome colour! Love it! <3<3<3

Charlie said...

SO pretty!

jaljen said...

I like it but don't love it. But blue glitters aren't my thing. I haven't bothered with my Absolutely Alice yet...

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Polish&Konad: thanks

Tiana, isn't it! love it too

Charlie: thanks babes

Jaljen: ah you see, they are my thing, I adore AA too :o) Blues are my weakness, so are greens and pinks. Oh, who am I kidding, I love them all LOL

Danielle said...

The colour is beautiful and it's very sparkly.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Danielle & Sarah: Glad you both liked it, it is one of my favourite polishes :o)

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