Monday, 26 July 2010

Bourjois polish - No9 Prune Stellaire

I got this a few weeks ago and decided to swatch it today for you as I know a few people wanted to see these.

This polish only has a number on the label, no name.  According to the Bourjois website, it is No9 Prune Stellaire.  In the bottle this looked like a deep burgundy in some lights and more plum in others. On the nail it is a rich deep, plummy shade, filled with teeny purple and gold glitter.

This polish has an odd brush, very wide, short and flat, makes application easy for most nails, but was a bit awkward on my pinky.  It went on nice and smooth, not gloopy at all.  Supposed to be a one coater according to the bottle and it may be if you use a thicker coat.  I used two thinner coats and it gave a good result, the glitter is not in your face, more sparse and subtle.

A hard one to photograph, my camera just couldn't seem to focus crisply on this one.  Inside under bright lighting it looks very pretty and you can see the glitter sparkle, though more subtle than most.  Without direct light it looks more vampy.

outdoors in shade

This is a very pretty polish, but I have to say, I think it is quite pricey for a High Street brand.  This is £5.49 for only 8mls!   I got mine in a 3 for 2 offer making it a bit cheaper.  Now don't get me wrong, as I love Bourjois products, but considering most polishes are 15mls, this works out to almost £11 for the same amount !!  Not so great......
The High Street can be very deceptive with polish prices, I find a lot of the so called 'cheap' brands have much smaller amounts on polish in the bottles, so be careful......


Helena said...

I also have this polish, costed me €12,00.
I think it's expensive too, but i loved it.
Here's the link:
Bourjois swatch


sparkleshinemagic said...

I love this polish it looks lovely.But the price is a bit to expensive for the amount you get.I had to follow your blog please check out my beauty blog and follow back thanks :D

jaljen said...

It looks gorgeous but I always get my Bourjois off random etailers or ebay. I never pay full price or anywhere near it.

I love the quality of this brand.

Millie said...

Really gorgeous! I am on a vampy kick lately.

The Bristol Beauty Blog said...

Lovely colour! x

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Glad you all liked it :o)
I may try to get mine more cheaply now too lol

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