Tuesday, 13 July 2010

OPI Polish - Love Me Tender

I admit, I saw swatches of this online and it looked much pinker than it ended up being. It is a more coral or peachy pink that the pics I have seen of this. So I was a bit disappointed when I actually received it. However, it is a very pretty polish, there is a rich golden shimmer within this polish that it livens it up beautifully, though not the shade I had hoped for, it is not a complete disaster.

The application was good, nice consistency, a little sheer but it goes bottle colour in three coats. Two coats look good too, if you don't mind a subtle VNL. I went for three to make it look more solid.

Though not what I was expecting, Love Me Tender is a very pretty polish.  I don't wear peaches that much, not sure why, I just don't seem drawn to them.
Maybe this will help me move towards the peach zone......


Krystal Leigh said...

I've been eyeing this one for a while, thanks for the beautiful swatches!

Jo said...

I actually really like that. How do you think it would fair up over false nails though hun? you reckon it'd be opaque enough to cover the white tips?


Katrina said...

it sure is pretty! i saw a swatch & i wanted a bottle too! haha

Jo said...

This reminds me of Nars Orgasm blush in a nail polish! Very pretty :)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Krystal : you're welcomne :)

Jo: I think it would be okay, but may require 3-4 coats to be sure......depends if you are okay doing that many. It dries okay too, not one that stays tacky for ages.

Katrina: ah, the polish lured you too eh, lol

Jo, it is like the Nars blusher, very much :)

OH MY POLISH! said...

oooo, actually I really like this one. Looks like i'll have to find me a bottle! lol :)


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