Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Zoya - Charla

Everyone knows this polish by now, it has reached near legend status in the polish world :)

This collection from Zoya includes some of the most amazing polishes ever, I adore them.   
Charla is a wonderful mermaid shade, a tealy blue that sometimes looks very blue and other times it looks very green, it depends on the lighting.  Incredible and beautiful.   Most of my photos show the blue tones, was hard to capture the green for some reason.

inside with flash

Application was a dream, super smooth, no drag or gloop, just perfect and dried pretty quick too.  It is quite sheer, but as it applies so well, this is not an issue at all.  I used three coats here, there is a teeny VNL in the pics but it was not obvious at all in person.

It is an amazing finish, teeny tiny bits of glitter, almost glass flecked, that give a foil effect to the nail. It is very smooth in finish too, not grittiness at all, you don't even need a top coat to smooth it out.
Removal was a breeze, though I do use Zoya Remove + and let it sit on my polishes for a minute or two.  I used two layers of base coat as I had heard mixed things about staining with these.  I had no real issue there, I don't get smurf fingers as I don't rub my polishes off, just soak and pull off. But there was a tinge of blue on my nail, round the edge of where the base had been, but it came of pretty easily with an extra rub over the area.  Though I would highly recommend a couple of coats of base coat with these, not worth the risk.


I have a couple of others from the same collection, Mimi a purple and Ivanka a true green, will swatch those for you soon.

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Sarah said...

I loooooove Charla! Such a beautiful polish. :)

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