Monday, 15 February 2010

China Glaze polish - Grape Juice

Hi Girls :o)

Updates my be a bit slower than usual for the next week or two. I have broken a nail on my photo hand and am gutted! So while it grows back to a suitable length I will be posting swatches and konads done over the past two weeks as a fill in. I have cut all my nails to a shorter length so they all match and won't look so odd growing back. First time I have broken a nail since Xmas so I guess it was long overdue.........on with the updates.

Today I am swatching the China Glaze polish Grape Juice. It is from the Summer Days collection, I have five out of the six of this collection, must pick up the last one soon.
I have Orange Marmalade, Strawberry Fields, Watermelon Rind, Raspberry Festival and Grape Juice. Funnily enough, Grape Juice did not appeal to me as much, from the photos I saw of it, not sure why, but I went for it in the end and I love it so much now I have it, it is much prettier in the flesh!
These polishes are amazing, they have a wonderful, glass flecked finish that just makes them sparkle like crazy, they are so pretty on the nail. I have not seen anything as pretty as these for ages, they are so different.
This was quite sheer on the first coat, a second coat looks much better and is fairly close to bottle colour, I tried a third coat on this one and I think it did benefit from it, as it deepened the colour beautifully. The formula was quite draggy on the first coat, but no problems applying the second and third coats.
I used my new Seche Vite as a top coat so it all dried real fast, loving that too........ (update: apart from the shrinkage! My nails looked realy odd after one day, the polish had literally shrunk and it looked like I had bad tip wear......not liking it so much now, plus it chipped on day 2)

Oh, how I love this colour!!!!! It is so unbelievably pretty. It sparkles so much and is such an gorgeous shade of purple. I seriously could not stop looking at my hands with this on.


Evil Angel said...

I love Grape juice, it's such a perfect summer purple!

Sorry to hear about your nail, I take it that iwas un salvage able.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

yeah, it split down the middle then ripped off to one side, it was just hanging by a single layer :(
Never mind, they needed a trim anyway, a few had started to split layers on the tips, so it was time to trim.....

gildedangel said...

Ooo, I love this one, so pretty!

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