Sunday, 23 May 2010

China Glaze polish - Ginger

I got this quite a while ago now and just haven't had the chance to wear it till now.
It is a lovely coppery polish, sparsely filled with tiny glitter and larger holo glitter.  I love that it isn't packed full of glitter, it looks less caked this way and is easier to remove!
It is pure scrummy-ness in a bottle!

 Just look at the blingy holo!!

 indoors with flash

outdoors, sunlight

I wore this on my Wedding Anniversary, we went out for dinner and it looked great, Hubby loved it.
We spent more time looking and my hands sparkling than we did looking at each other, it blinged all night  LOL


Tilly said...

Lol. I love how the polish took over your celebratory dinner...excellent! It is absolutely gorgeous though, so we can't blame it lol.

Visit my blog? I just started it the other day and would like to hear your input :)

jaljen said...

Pretty. I love that kind of formula. I don't recall seeing this swatched much which is surprising and a shame.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Tilly: yep, it was a show stopper ;o) I will pop along to your blog too

Jaljen: you are so right, I haven't seen many pics of this one, and it is so pretty, I actually prefer it to those jam packed glitters, I can't always pull off full blown caked glitter ;o)

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