Monday, 24 May 2010

China Glaze polish - Second Hand Silk

I got this in a recent China Glaze haul, I must admit, I think China Glaze are my favourite polishes, they just do some of the best shades and the quality is really good too.
I absolutely adore pinks, my real weakness is the blue-toned pinks, I love them. The blue tone stops them looking too sickly, as some pinks can.

I have two China Glaze blue-toned pinks, this and Pink Underground, which I swatched here and Konaded here.
Second hand silk is very similar in tone, but is a few shades lighter than Pink Underground, with a slightly creamier look, Pink Underground has a blue shimmer that is obvious in the bottle but not so much on the nail, Second Hand Silk is a definite creme. Both are in my top pinks, love them.

It was a lovely formula and applied wonderfully, very smooth and not too thick, opaque in two coats.

I just love this one so much, I also put it on my toes and it looks great on both fingers and toes, loving China Glaze!!!


jaljen said...

I don't get the blue, I must admit. Very pretty and you do such a professional job with your nail preparation and your photography that every darned thing looks good on your blog.

zuzu said...

One of the really romantic and cute color from China Glaze!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

jaljen: I think by blue I really meant its a cool pink, not a sickly sugary pink, but cool toned. Pink underground does have blue in it though, but this is a similar cool tone :o)
Thank you for you lovely comments on the pics, I must get a decent camera, I am just using my compact one, but it does the job ;o)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

zuzu: it is a lovely one :)

kelliegonzo said...

this is very pretty on you! a very pure pink.

Sarah said...

What a cute colour!! :)
I share your love of China Glaze!! They are just fantastic! <3

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