Monday, 31 May 2010

Nails Inc Mini Haul - Ice Cream Collection and In Style Candy

I went shopping at the weekend, trying to get new drugstore polishes, but when I saw them I realised I had colours really close to them already, so walked away, the choice just wasn't that great. Though I did get a few of the new Barry M ones, I do like Barry M stuff  :o), but everything else was just a tad boring.  I did pick up some of the older Urban Decay polishes from eBay, and they are great, will swatch those as soon as they arrive.

I find it hard to buy polishes in person now.  I much prefer buying online.  I can check swatches and see if I have any dupes already, see what people say about the application etc.  In the shops I can't do this, and most high street polishes look like dupes or are too easy to dupe, do you find this?.......anyway, I digress, on with the post...

You know, I only ever buy Nails Inc when I can get them free with a magazine or promotion, or when they sell them in a Gift set, so I get value for money.  They are lovely polishes, but I cannot ever see myself paying £10.50 for one single polish when I can get Zoya, OPI, Nubar or China Glaze instead. Not sure why.......I just don't see them as high end polishes I guess.

Anyway, I got this one, the Ice Cream Collection.  It is a set of four spring/summer polish colours, pretty typical to what you can see around at the moment.  But I am a sucker for a gift pack and with ribbon too, plus the £20 price tag was okay, making them only £5 each, much better pricing :o)

I also got the In Style Candy a few weeks back, which came free with In Style magazine.

Maple Street - a sugary pink creme, not the usual pink but more blush, there is a slight coral tone to this one.
Spring Mews - this is a light mint green creme, incredibly close to Barry M Mint Green which is really only a shade or two lighter, so if you have that one, you don't really need this, though I do prefer the Nails Inc one as its more opaque.
Strawberry Hill - a rich, deep pink, verging on hot pink,but slightly more dusky/muted.
Devonshire Row - a deep royal purple creme, again verging on dusky/muted

InStyle Candy - a  lilac creme, leaning towards pink

Application on all of these was very good.  They are nice opaque cremes with great coverage, almost one coaters, just needed a second to tidy it up.  I was actually pretty impressed with the quality, very nice.  Not one of these were chalky at all.

Nice set if you don't already have colours like this, but chances are you will have some very for the Candy one, a little bit more different to any in my current collection, but I have seen ones like this around this season.


jaljen said...

I am thoroughly sick of cremes now. I am considering chucking the whole lot of mine. They look lovely on false nails or perfect (young) nails but not so much on me.
Online buys? For sure- because I'm looking for something a bit different and, as you say, I can check them out on the blogs.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Jaljen: you and me both. Six months ago I loved them,now I am looking for something else and am very bored by them, same shades over and over. The only time I do love them now is for konading, they provide a great base for nail designs, a good blank canvas. I am wearing a fab polish this weekend, nice finish and much more interesting than cremes, will be reviewing it shortly.

gildedangel said...

Great haul, you picked out beautiful colors!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

GildedAngel: thanks Sweetie, great to see you back :o)

rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

These are so soft and pretty. I wish they were so easily availbale in the US

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

rmcandlelight: don't worry too much, they don't really do anything too unique, I think most of their shades are quite dupeable

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