Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Another Zoya Haul

The Zoya addiction has hit again, more scrummy-ness is here!

I am seriously loving these polishes, they are lovely, some amazing colours.  They are a great relief after all the cremes I have bought in the last 6 months, finally some sparkle and shimmer enters my life !!!!!!

Some lovely pinks here. 
Some sheers for French's (Sari, Bela), 
a creme with subtle shimmer (Barbie), 
a few shimmers (Mischa, Happi, Kiki) and a creme (Brie).

Then on to some purples and greens.  
Shimmers (Deidra, Harmonie), 
Glittery sparkle (Roxy, Ivanka) 
and some mattes (Savita, Veruschka).

I am loving some of these, there are some fab ones and I think my Zoya lemming may finally be fulfilled.
I know the mattes chip fast, but they are so pretty, I love that finish.

Can't wait to start swatching them all  :o)


Polish Hoarder said...

You are going to love Kiki! It is my upcoming post for today! It's amazing!!!

jaljen said...

Not only am I fed up with cremes but I'm going to get rid of every one I have. I saw Kiki on PHD and it is fab.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

PHD: It is amazing, loving it, just posted a comment on yours ;o)

Jaljen: You're getting rid of them all? seems drastic, can't you just store them till you feel like getting back into cremes? They are good for konading with ;o)
Kiki is fabulous, I have swatched it already and taken pics, just written the post and will post it next week probably. If you even like it a teeny bit in the pics, it will blow your socks off when you wear it! :)

Sarah said...

Oooh how pretty! I am really looking forward to seeing Happi! It's a potential wishlister. ;) It just looks so cute!
I placed my first order with Zoya last week and I can't wait for it to get here! (hopefully today! It's weird they don't give tracking info) I got the Remover+ and Indigo.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Sarah: Will try to swatch it very soon, you will love it, it is very pretty :o)
I got Remove+ recently too, it is amazing, loving it very much. Pricey but it is very quick to remove polishes and so moisturising.

Sarah said...

Thank you! I bet it will look awesome on your beautiful nails!

I've heard lots of good things about the Remover+ so hopefully it's worth the price! I'm glad you're liking it!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Sarah: the Remove+ smells gorgeous :o)
Let me know what you think of Indigo when it arrives, that was one I was wondering if to get or not.....

Sarah said...

Oooh! I forgot about that. Anything will be better than the usual stinky remover smell! haha

I will let you know for sure. :) I'm hoping it's nice. I couldn't decide on one from my wishlist, so I went with Indigo because I don't have any dark blues.

susies1955 said...

Awesome colors. Great haul. :)

stylishly yours said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stylishly yours said...

Ooo.. I can't wait to see the matte colours! I had a mini Rimmel haul yesterday at Superdrugs, not as spectacular compared to yours.. hehe

If you could ever get hold of the Anna Sui nail polish remover, it smells like a cute, sweet, powdery rose!! Actually all her make up and nail polishes dry with that lovely smell too.

love your blog btw! :) x

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Stylishly Yours: thanks Babes xxx
Will try to find the Anna Aui stuff, thanks :o)

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