Wednesday, 23 June 2010

China Glaze polish - Spin Me Round

Oooh, who doesn't love holographic polishes? I love them and China Glaze make some great ones.

This is from the older Kaleidoscope collection, these ones have slightly larger holographic glitter giving a very blingy and obvious sparkle, whereas the OMG collection had very fine glitter that gave a more refined, linear look.

This one is called Spin Me Round, it is a lovely gold/fawn colour and full of holographic goodness.
The polish sparkles and glitters all the time. The OMG collection really only shows its glitter in bright lights or sunlight, indoors they looked more plain, but these ones look blingy in all lights.

indoors, flash

It applied beautifully, a teeny bit more sheer than the OMG ones, but still good to go it two coats, three gives a more solid finish. It dries super-fast and the three coats took minutes to do, it was dry as soon as I finished the last finger.

indoors, flash


I love this polish, it is nice that the colour is more nude toned, but so full of sparkle. It wore incredibly well too. As you know holographic polishes can chip quickly, my OMG ones tend to chip after a day, this one was chip free three days on, all without a top coat too (as some top coats tend to kill the holographic effect for some reason).


Spaceinvaders said...

Holo! Nice :)

Big Fashionista said...

I like this. I have short nails so tend to stay away from dark colours which emphasise my short nails, but this is lovely.

stylishly yours said...

That's very pretty! Oh mean to tell you, Inglot has promotion now on nail varnishes Buy 3 get 30% off. They're about £7 each. Also at Westfield, the perfume shop, Beauty Base (4th store right from Superdrug if facing), has a HUGE range of "L.A. Colors" for 99p each!!! They have some beautiful colours I prolly get a few to see if they're any good, a few looks great.

Tilly said...

This is really nice. I bought FYI which I think kinda looks like the OMG version of this and I much prefer this one. They are more glittery and prettier :)

Tassa said...

It looks stunning on your nails. :)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

I love this lacquer. As a matter of fact I posted on this a few weeks ago on my blog because I found it to be my mannequin hands polish...with a holo twist. It was/is sweetness!

♥ Din E said...

Oh my god. I absolutely LOVE your blog. Im a Konadmaniac too (: Keep up the good work, I adore your Dexter-nails. (I will order it right away!) Love / Littlesister E.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

SpaceInvaders & Fashionista: thank you :)

Stylishy Yours: ooh, will see if I can go have a look, thanks! xx

Tilly: yes the OMG are a smaller more linear holo, this just blings like crazy, love it too xx

Tassa & Lacquerware: thanks :)

Din E: oh, thank you so much, glad you liked the blog. Konad is so addictive, enjoy!

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