Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Urban Decay polish haul!

I love Urban Decay make-up and have quite a lot of it and use it all the time. I have never seen the nail polishes in the UK though, not sure why?
I had seen a few swatches of Bruised on some blogs recently and that got me hunting it down, low and behold I found some on eBay, so snapped them up. They were a steal at only £1.99 each!!!!

 Burnout, Asphyxia, Graffiti, Cult and Bruised

 Burnout is a pretty peach with a sprinkling of golden shimmer, quite sheer but very pretty and delicate.

Asphyxia is a gorgeous pink filled with lilac and gold shimmer, I am tempted to say this one is duo-chrome, in some lights the effect is stunning, then in others more subtle.

Graffiti is a baby blue with a more subtle flash of pinky/lilac, more subtle than Asphyxia but a lovely colour and very pretty.

Cult is very blingy, a rich tealy green filled with gold shimmer. Very pretty.

Bruised is a really fab one.  It is a rich deep purple duo-chrome, it flashes green and blue.  I love this one, so pretty and very unusual.

Here are bottle shots of the last two, so you can see the colours:



I did a quick swatch for you, though it is very hard to capture the true beauty of these, they all have flashes of other colours but it would not show on camera.

For now, here are indoor with flash and outdoor shots.

indoors with flash

outdoors in sun

  Hopefully when I finally swatch them on my nails it will show the colours better......


rmcandlelight said...

these are really pretty!! I have cult and am wondering how does Graffiti look on the nail. Thanks for sharing :)

Stylishly yours said...

What a bargain! Great Haul! x

Big Fashionista said...

I have 1 Urban Decay nail polish, called brickhouse, a brown red that I absolutely adore.

Just trying to grow my nails so that I can use it again :-(

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

rmcandlelight: graffiti looks lovely on the nail, I just wore it yesterday and did a konad with it too. I have taken pics but not loaded them on my pc yet, will try to get the review/swatch on the blog soon for you to see :o)

Stylishy Yours: thanks :o)

Big Fashionista: ooh, brickhouse sounds lovely, might have to hunt that down too :o)

Colette said...

I really like the looks of Cult. I wish UD would bring back all of their awesome old polish colors, the mini sets they've come out with lately are pretty uninspiring.

jaljen said...

I have Cult, Brick House and Twisted. Misa Embroidered Emerald is dupe-ish for Bruise and one of my all-time favourites anyway...

KarenD said...

Oooh, great haul!

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