Monday, 5 July 2010

Zoya - Kiki

I love Zoya's, as you all know  :o)
I have been doing some mega Zoya haulage lately, so it's time to swatch another one.

Kiki is a gorgeous colour. I am a sucker for blue toned pinks, my ultimate weakness.
I must admit, when it first arrived I was stunned as it looks neon, I wasn't expecting it to be quite so bright.  But now I have worn it, I love it, looks much nicer on that I was expecting and is so Summery and cheerful.

most true to life colour, 
looks this way most of the time

It is a bright, in your face bubblegum pink, filled with fine micro-glitter, it could be described as being very much like the glass-flecked polishes. It has a strong blue and silvery flash to it. In one light the silver shows, in another you get a blue flash, amazing......
Application was great, needed two-three coats to get it opaque.  It dries with a more satin finish and has a very slight texture to it, not rough by any means though.

outdoors, shade, shows more silver

indoors, flash, shows more blue now

I am genuinely surprised by how much I love this.  When I opened the package I seriously thought I would not wear it, neons are not my thing.  But Kiki has me round her little finger, she is amazing, so sparkly, pretty, girly and happy!  If you like pinks even a little bit you will love this, it is fabulous and very different to your run of the mill polishes.

So pleased to own such a fun colour.


Tassa said...

Sweet color! :)

silja said...

nice color !!!!
love it

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