Friday, 10 September 2010

China Glaze Awakening Set and Radiant Babe discount code!

I was very lucky to be sent this fab China Glaze Awakening set to review............

When I opened the parcel and saw these gorgeous glitter polishes I squealed in delight!
I adore China Glaze and love their glitters, so I quickly did some swatches of them for you to see.  I will do proper swatches later on, as I wear them, some quickies for now though.....

left to right:  Mummy May I, Zombie Zest, Ick-a-Bod-y, Fast Forward TC

Mummy May I - Wonderful purple glitter !!  
A deep purple base with purple and fuchsia glitter. 2 coats.

Zombie Zest - Fabulous Green Glitter!
This is my favourite and the real star of the show for me.  It has a deep green base and is packed with moss green glitter.  3 coats here and amazing!!!!   Loving this.

Ick-a-Bod-y - Orange glitter!
Deep greenish base with loads of orange sparkle, 3 coats
Brighter orange than Fortune Teller, which has a much more obvious black base.

I am seriously loving this set, all the polishes are amazing, but the winner for me is Zombie Zest.  I wasn't sure how flattering it would look from the bottle but on the nail its amazing !  Love, love, love it.

All applied really well and looked great in two coats, though I preferred three, my habit ;o)
They were not as textured as some glitters, quite fine textured, but would benefit from a top coat, luckily you get one included with the set!

You can buy these now from Radiant Babe Beauty in the UK, for a bargain price of only £19.95 plus p+p, a great price for three full sized polishes and a full sized top coat!
It is a limited Edition set for Halloween, so hurry, it is so worth owning.
You can find a direct link to the Awakening Set here.

Radiant Babe Beauty are also offering a 10% discount until December.  
It is a One-Time Use code so make sure you use it well, be sure to check out the other things she sells, including Konad.  Just enter the code CHRISTMAS at checkout.


Veve said...

Very cool blog!
I´m your new follower... if you want, follow me too :-)
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Sarah said...

I really want to pick up Mummy may I! And maaaaybe Zombie Zest. lol They're so pretty.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

@Sarah: you seriously should get them, Zombie Zest is fabby :)

@Veve: welcome, great to have you here :)

JQ said...

MMM Ick-a-Body...I squeal that "I MUST have it" Squeal!

Martje said...

I received this set earlier this week, and all i did was stare at it thus far O_o. i looove those sparklies :) can`t decide which to try out first hahaha ( did used the topcoat on other polishes and it`s absolute amazing! )

CarlyB said...

Ooh Zombie Zest is awesome!x

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