Tuesday, 14 September 2010

China Glaze - Sunset Glow

Today I am swatching China Glaze Sunset Glow, a very pretty pink/gold polish.  Not sure how you'd describe it, it has a pink base but a very strong gold flash to it, very stunning.

This is one weird polish, one of the strangest ones I have used to date.
It is very thick and incredibly opaque, probably more so than any other polish I own.  This mani was done with just one coat,  I didn't dare do two in case it went too thick, wonder if thinner would improve things?
It also dries to an odd matte finish, you can shine it up by adding a top coat of course, I used a TC of SV in my pics.

This was also mega hard to photograph, it just wouldn't show its true beauty, shy maybe? LOL


Jess said...

This is a gorgeous colour, it's great that you only need one coat too. :)



Melanie said...

Ow I really love this color, very special.
Did it really bother you that it was this thick?

Veve said...

I love this color!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

@Jess: it is nice, the one coat thing is a great bonus too ;)

@Melanie: it wasn't that hard to apply, just thicker than Im used to, it is just surprising to see how opaque it is, really blanks out your nail first time.

@Veve: thanks :)

chickyspouts said...

Such a pretty colour! Great swatches x


jbrobeck said...

I have this polish and agree it is very strange! But very lovely!

ritterbraten said...

Awesome colour!!! I would give a lot to get it..

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