Monday, 4 October 2010

Zoya Deidra

Another Zoya today, this time we have Deidra, a wonderful dusky mauve shade.

Beautiful to apply, very smooth and easy to work with.  Good in two coats though I tend to do three anyway.

This is a very pretty polish, very unique.  I love the deep mauve shade, but it has a surprising beige tone to it as well.  It changes constantly with the light, looking almost lilac at times while a deep rich beige in other lights, stunning!


O Blog da Framboesa said...

this Zoya Deidra looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

loving the shimmer ... amazing color!

Biba said...

Pretty shade!

Abbie♥ said...

can't help but notice how healthy your nails look. :)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

thank you girls, so pleased you like it too :)

Abbie: thanks Hun, I try to keep them nice, but don't grow them too long, being a mum doesn't really allow for very long nails ;)

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