Friday, 1 October 2010

Fauxnad BM20 - Monochrome Madness!

I decided to have a go at a mad monochrome manicure, just for a change.

I used five different bases, one for each nail:
Thumb - Misa Heaven White
Index - Orly Mirror Mirror
Middle  China Glaze Recycle
Ring - Barry M Grey
Pinky - Nails Inc Elgin Avenue

I then taped half of each nail off and painted the remaining part of the nail with China Glaze Millenium.
Finally stamping over the top of that half with Konad black and the stripe design from BM 20.

It does look different, not sure if it works or not?  I think not, I actually preferred it before I added the stripes LOL, ah well, never mind.
But I did love how one side looked grey and the other all striped, cool!


Chat du Cheshire said...

that looks great!

thegirlwithabow said...

I like this mani, think it looks awesome!

How did you find Recycle's application? My bottle seems really streaky :(

ThRiSzHa said...


Jenny$1983 said...

That looks great! One of my own favourite manis was the same thing but without the stripes, I even used two of the same colours on the same nails (Barry M Grey and CG Recycle)! I'd use Orly Mirror Mirror on the same finger too next time I did it (had to use Essie Playa del Platinum and it didn't work as well as MM). I Konad-ed it with an inversion but I can't remember what stamp I used :P

I like your stripes better though :)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

thanks Girls :)

girlwithabow: yes, it was very streaky on the first coat but got better after that. I prefer using three coats of most polishes anyway. Recycle is a three coater, not as thick or opaque as some greys I have

florenclong said...

The strips pattern that you have done is looking nice. From the last picture its really beauty coming out and seems more beautiful. It is just simple design with little bit nice idea but then also it is looking very fabulous.

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