Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nubar - Green Tea

 Well we have snow here in the UK this week, and the whole country seems to have ground to a halt!  It is absolutely freezing here, I have on so many layers and its hard to get out of my lovely warm bed each morning.
I thought I would post a nice bright green for you today, to make up for the lack of green in the UK at present, lol  ;o)

Nubar have done some amazing holo and duo-chrome polishes, but they also make some fabulous cremes, Green Tea is one such polish.

A very pretty pale green creme, this is one of my favourite shades from Nubar, I do have a weakness for greens :)
This is quite and opaque one, nice to apply, though a tad on the thick side.  I used two coats and it dried well.  Apologies for the bottle pics, should have mixed it more lol :)

This is such an unusual green,  very delicate but strong all at the same time.  It is as though it had double cream added as the green has this wonderful creamy tone to it, scrummy!


jbrobeck said...

i just purchased this from evilbay, you have got me excited to wear it!

BlackCherry said...

Beautiful green!!

AmyGrace said...

Wow, gorgeous!! Another one I'll have to throw on my wishlist =)

JQ said...

So purdy. Luvs it!

Zara said...

Oh, that is such a lovely green! I want. :)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

This really is a great green, you all must try to grab one while you can :o)

Jbrobeck: your gonna love it


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