Saturday, 16 January 2010

Orly polish - Enchanted Forest

I bought this a few weeks ago and only just got around to wearing it.
It is from the 'Once Upon a Time...' collection, which includes six shades. I have four of them, Prince Charming (rich, deep brown creme), Mirror Mirror (pale grey creme), Pixie Dust (pale blue/grey with glass like sparkles) and Enchanted Forest (deep green creme). The other two are Happily Ever After (deep burgundy red shimmer) and Poison Apple (rich red creme)
I seem to be going through a green phase at the moment, I yearn to be wearing the spring colours, but know they won't look right this time of year, so determined to at least wear a green, I decided on Enchanted Forest. It is a deep, rich, earthy green creme.
The formula is okay, the first coat seems to drag and streak a bit, I had the same issue with Pixie Dust, the only other Orly I have tried so far. The second coat goes on much smoother thankfully and the colour was completely opaque, so more more needed.
I love this shade, it feels rich, and a bit vampy, without being in your face. It is a very grown-up colour. Even indoors it keeps its rich green hue.

Oh, and did I mention, each shade comes with it's own super cute charm ! Love it, I'm a sucker for bling :o)


Miss Vintage Vogue said...

Very pretty! :)

gildedangel said...

That is such a gorgeous color!

LĂ­gia * said...

this blog is amazing, congratulations!
i love nail polish and everything about nails, you can see my blog anytime ;)

Kate said...

I love this colour. It's softer than black and really chic. Do you know what places stock Orly in the UK? Thanks!

Kate x

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

thanks Girls!

Kate: I have to get mine from a UK ebay seller, though I have ordered masses from them and they very good and trustworthy.

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