Sunday, 17 January 2010

Having a bad day!

Oh dear! I am really having a hard time today. It is one of those days where I feel like bad luck is hunting me down, most of it painful. They say bad luck comes in three's, looks like I might be safe then, I have had three accidents today!

First one: Got up this morning, went downstairs to let the dog out and check my fish, then trod really hard on a drawing pin, OUCH! It went right into my foot and I had to pull so hard to get it out. Must have been a stray one left over from Christmas, that was just lying in wait ready for the chance to get me.

Second one: Getting ready to take dog out for a walk, put on her lead, opened front door, she pulls me and I go BANG, into the edge of the door face first! OUCH AGAIN. I now have a long raised, bruised stripe on my cheek where the door hit me, or I hit the door, however you want to look at it.

I am then trying to be careful but it seems to be stalking me, I slipped on some ice, but saved myself, so I am now thinking that it will not leave me alone till I get the third's like something out of Final Destination!

Third one: Okay, I guess, with the benefit of hindsight it was a bad idea to agree to cut my Husband's hair.....yep, I then snipped my knuckle with the scissors, OUCH!

I have been pierced, thumped and cut all in the space of a few hours. I think it may be over now, I got my three. I feel very sorry for myself now. I'm just gonna hibernate the rest of the day till Sunday is over and it's safe to come out again.

Ever had one of those days?


Heather said...

I had a day like this 2 weeks ago, just EVERYTHING went wrong and I couldn't stop crying. But the next day is always better :) Also sleeping solves everything... haha

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

aw sweetie, I get lots of days like that, though I don't usually hurt myself so much ......sleep does help, you are so right.
well it's already got a bit better. I just ordered 4 new polishes :o) Helped me feel a bit happier ;o)

Evil Angel said...

I think everyone has those days once in a while! ((hugs))

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

EvilAngel: thanks Luv xxx

nihrida said...

Oh yeah. Remember having those kind of days (not only one day). =) I really don't want to make fun of your bad luck, but reading this sounded like something from a comedy movie script. ;) You poor thing!
We all have those days. Mine are usually caused by my clumsiness.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

I don't mind you finding it funny, we were laughing about it anyway. It really was like some slap-stick chaplin movie :o)

Heather said...

Ordering pretty things is always a good cure ;]

Michèle said...

Yikes, hope tomorrow is treating you better!!

Leanne said...

Dawww you poor thing! Fortune Teller will make it all better :)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

rofl, damn right it will, told you I needed it ;o)

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