Thursday, 20 May 2010

China Glaze Haul!

Okay, another haul post for you, this time I have been playing catch-up hunting down some China Glaze polishes.

Innocence: a sheer jelly type creme in a milky pastel pink, perfect for French mani's

Second-Hand Silk: a beautiful lighter pink creme with a blue tone to it, no shimmer but a very cool pink, which I love. Got a super cute mani coming up soon with this one!

Sunset Glow: a stunning, almost duo-chromed medium pink, shot through with gold, this is a stunner.  Very opaque this one!

Naked: a shimmery, almost glass-flecked type sugar pink. 

Code Orange: a lovely orange with a hint of shimmer, obvious in the bottle but more creme like on the nail. Not scary bright neon orange, just nice and easy to wear.

Passion in the Pacific:  a rich ocean green/blue.  Leans more green than blue, very shimmery/frost finish, almost verging on metallic.

BFF: a wonderful warm mauvy pink holo from the OMG collection

GR8: a stunning gold holo from the same collection

Spin Me Round: a lovely beige/bronze holo from the Kaleidoscope collection, larger holo than the OMG's

He's Going in Circles: a pale aqua green holo from the same collection

Some really pretty polishes.  I will be swatching them all as soon as I can.
I have a gorgeous mani coming up very soon with Second-Hand Silk and a swatch of Spin Me Round too, so keep watch!


Tiana said...

Ow, wow this is a wonderful haul!!! Can't wait for swatches! And you got Sunset Glow!!! I've been looking for this beauty for quite some time now! Where did you get it? <3<3<3

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Tiana: hi babes :o) yes, I searched for ages for this one too, finally tracked one down on ebay. Swatches will be done as soon as I can, trouble is I like to wear them all so it takes ages. Keep watching, they will seep onto the site over the coming weeks :o)

Katrina said...

Second-Hand Silk - - i just saw someones swatch..its a gorgeous color! so jealous over here..what an awesome haul!! =)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Katrina: I have already done a swatch and mani with it. It is a beautiful color, I adore it!!! Wait till you see the swatch, then the super cute mani I did with it :o) Keep and eye out as they will be appearing very soon.

Sarah said...

So awesome! I can't wait to see these!

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