Sunday, 2 May 2010

Gosh Lipstick - Darling

I have read so much about this lipstick on many blogs now. I do like nude lipsticks, as I am fair in colouring and tend to emphasise my eyes most, I prefer my lips to be more natural looking.

I already have one great nude type lipstick that I adore, Urban Decay's Naked, a pale pink lipstick that just looks great with my skin. It is nice quality but doesn't really last more than a few hours, but I do love it anyway.

Having heard so much about Gosh Darling I thought it was time to hunt it out and give it a go. At £6 it is reasonably priced, compared to my Urban Decay Naked at £11. But would it be as nice?

The packaging is lovely, very classy. Just a nice plain black, slightly rubberised case, with a shiny metal band in black, bearing the Gosh name. The case has a good strong click to its closure too, meaning it shouldn't come loose in your bag!

Well it is a very nice lippy. The colour is more of a beige than UD Naked. It is a proper nude with a slightly peachy tone, not quite pink but not too far off. It is nice and slick, leaving my lips feeling supple. You have to be careful that your lips are smooth though, otherwise it will sit in cracks or on dry bits and look awful. Luckily mine are okay so it looked even and gave my lips a nice muted look. It turns my lips more beige and so more skin toned, as my lips are naturally very pink, so this is good for me as another option. It has little staying power though, less than UD Naked at only around an hour or so, so reapplication is a must with this one.

I am very happy with this addition to my lipsticks. Sometimes I need a beige nude instead of a pink nude, so now I have both options with UD Naked and Gosh Darling. It will now sit in my most used cosmetics pile.

I will see if I can review Urban Decay Naked in a future post if you wanted to see it, just let me know :)


Anonymous said...

so nice to see one of my fav. bloggers update so frequently.

anyway, i want to ask a quick out-of-topic question.

which konad polish do u prefer: princess or special? i want to get basic colors in green, red, blue etc. and was wondering which polish gives a bold and nice finish.
i'm a konad newbie and cant make CG millenium work for me, and the LA art deco white doesnt seem to be bold enough.

thank you so much!


BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Hi Original01, aw thanks sweetie, thats real nice of you!

Aha, well I personally prefer the Konad Special polishes to the princess ones. I think they stamp more solid and brighter, the Princess ones I tried seems a bit more muted than the Special ones. I did some swatches of both here, it may help you decide:

I absolutely recommend the Special white and black polishes, but most of that range are good and give you time to work with them. The China Glaze OMG/romantiques are fab, but as they are metallic/holographic they dry very fast and you need to be really quick or they dry on the stamp and will peel, takes some practice, I can't get them right all the time :)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your recommendations. i will follow them. i'm currently using a white la art deco but the image imprint isnt bold enough.
wow, so u r having a hard time too with the CG romantiques? U make it look too easy. i gave up on the CG Millenium after trying it several dozen times (and it was on sale for $1.99 too!)

Your designs and color choices have an understated elegant quality to it....and here i thought u need 3 or more colors to make konad look pretty.

thanks for updating so often. i know u got a life outside blogging, so i appreciate it much. it's really something i look forward to after a long day. :)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

original01: aw sweetheart, thank you so much for your comments. I enjoy blogging, allows me to waffle my rubbish at the world LOL it makes it so worthwhile when I get lovely followers like yourself who leave such lovely comments for me.
I just do the colours and designs I enjoy and hope some of my lovely followers like them too. I do tend to stick with safe colour combos, but then I do like more classic looks anyway, I'll leave the bold stuff for the younger girls ;O)

I hope you find the Konad Special polishes better for you, they do work the best really, though many other polishes do work as well, these are the easiest to get used to.

missjessiiiica said...

hey, i have yet to try gosh darling. I'm scared it will look awful on me! If you don't mind me asking, what is your skin tone? I'm pretty pale right now, but the second i step into the sun I get a lovely tan.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

@MissJessiiica: I don't actually know my shade reference, all I can tell you is that I am fair/medium and don't tan too easily.....

The Allure House said...

Hey, I'm new here. Loved the lipstick. Seems to be a great dupe for MAC Myth Lipstick :D Kisses. Check my blogue if you want to.

kelliegonzo said...

this looks like a perfect nude! i wish we had GOSH in the states! <3 love your blog :)

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

thank you!!

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