Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Oops I did it again - Zoya haulage!!!!

I know, I know........I only just got some new Zoya's, but I mean, how can you not get these amazing colours!?

I had to get the new Charla, as everyone is raving about it, and with very good reason too, it is fabulous!  But then, I had to add a few more, then a few days after I got those, I ordered a few more, and here we are, with a pretty good haul!

Next I think I need to join Polishaholics Anonymous, as I cannot stop browsing for new colours all the time, checking out swatches, adding more to the ever growing wishlist, you know how it is.......

Anyway, enough of that boring ramble.......let's show you the scrummy Zoya goodness!  :o)

I still have another three on the way, ordered only this morning, shame on me ......... but Yay!  More scrummyness   :o)

 Swatches coming soon!!!!!


Danielle said...

They are lovely colours though, I can see how you could be tempted hehe. xx

Anonymous said...

oh boy. beautiful! i'm so tempted to buy more!

Sarah said...

You've been having too much fun! hehe
I can't wait to see these swatched! I've got to try zoya out someday. :) They have such beautiful colours!

jaljen said...

I have seen some great pix of Blair but I have a seemingly unconquerable aversion to having another Blair in my life.....Pity they called it that.
Charla is lovely though.
I don't "get" the Adina hype, I'm afraid.

Polish Hoarder said...

Oh fun! I wanted to get Harley in the Zoya Exchange but it wasn't available :( Can't wait to see your swatches!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Danielle: I know, they are so lovely!

Reem: go on, go get some ;o)

Sarah: you have to try them, they are so pretty. I think CG is still my fav, but these are gorgeous.

Jaljen: Blair is amazing, I must admit, I don't see they hype for Adina either, it is very pretty but Blair is nicer so are many others.

Polish Hoarder: I have been lemming Harley since last year, had to get that one. Yep, gotta get busy swatching now :o)

Taki J said...

I got a package from Zoya today. So excited to admire it but the hubby is home and I have to pretend I am working..lol!!

Tilly said...

That's quite a lot of Zoya! Can't wait to see Harlow on you. It's sooo pretty.

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

Taki J: rofl, hope you get a quiet moment soon to have a look and admire your new polishes ;o)

Tilly: I had been lemming Harlow for a while, I got Posh first but I actually think I prefer Harlow as it looks more speckled than Posh, which seems quite flat.

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