Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sleek Palette - Safari

Here is another of my Sleek Palette swatches/reviews. This week we have the Safari palette, one of the limited edition palettes.

Swatches of the previously reviewed palettes can be seen here: Bohemian

This palette was love at first sight, I knew I had to have this one the moment I saw pics of it online. I love earthy colours, I feel safer using neutrals and dusky shades for everyday, they just work so well and always give a nice sophisticated look, so this palette was a must have for me.

This palette has a mix of matte and shimmery, though more shimmery shades this time, nine out of the twelve. It is full of rich, earthy tones, from browns and golds, to deep greens.

Colours inside:

1. Black matte
2. Bright yellow gold metallic
3. Khaki green metallic (gorgeous!)
4. Moss green metallic
5. Rich burnt orange metallic
6. Mid yellow gold metallic
7. Pale fawn matte
8. Buttermilk matte
9. Bright grass green matte
10. Dark green metallic
11. Gold metallic
12. Brown/bronze metallic

These are some fabulous colours, they really do suit the safari name and work so well together.

This has to be one of my favourite Sleek palettes, it just ticks all the boxes for me, love it!

More Sleek palettes soon!

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Afiscionada said...

Hello!! Do you know by any chance any website i can buy limited edition sleek palettes or maybe a web i can buy second hand make up? Thank you very munch, i am so in love with Sleek palettes and in Spain is more difficult to find them, thank you

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