Friday, 17 September 2010

Benefit Box Powder/Blusher Comparison

I thought it was time I showed my Benefit powders, as they sometimes seem to get a bad press. Mainly due, I think, to people expecting them to do something they are not designed for.

I love the Benefit box powders, I went through a phase of having to own them all, but at £23 a pop they are not cheap and I still have to buy a couple I am missing.

I love the whole thing, the packaging is adorable, I know some people hate the cardboard, but I love them. I love the little brushes that match the boxes. I also love the powders, they are very finely milled and all have a small amount of shimmer, but they never look glittery or over the top, the shimmer is very, very subtle, with the exception of the highlighter in the 10 powder, but then that is supposed to be more shimmery by nature!

I thought I would show you swatches of the ones I have for comparison purposes. Most of them are very sheer, I would say they were more complexion powders than blushers, though a couple are more pigmented and so can easily be classed as blusher.
By showing them here I hope to help you avoid disappointment when buying them, as some people buy the lighter ones as blusher, which I feel is not their purpose, they are more finishing powders or brighteners.
I would class the first three as complexion powders and the last three as blushers.

Okay out of the range, I have the following:

Georgia: Most definitely a complexion powder I think, you would have to be the palest white to use this as a blusher, though if you are pale it could be built up as a sheer blush I guess. A very pale peachy toned powder. It makes a perfect finishing powder for the whole face and is best used this way in my opinion.

Dandelion: This is one of my favourite ones. A sheer pink powder with a small amount of shimmer, not at all obvious, just glowy. I tend to use this one as a finishing powder and brightener, it gives a very warm look to your skin, just brightens nicely and makes you look healthy. It can be built up more as a pale blush, but it is still very pale, so I only use it as a blush when I want just a hint of colour.

10: Now this is another firm favourite of mine. It is a highlighter and contour/bronzer powder duo, they work so well and have a subtle shimmer to them. This is the only powder where I do use the brush that comes with it. I sweep it down the centre, getting one colour per side, then sweep across my cheek, I then buff it with another brush to soften the line. It gives a great contour and highlight with little effort, love it! I especially love the highlight colour, I use that a lot. It can also be mixed to give a lighter shade of bronzer. A very versatile powder this one!

Thrrrob: A very light sugar pink blush, though this could also be used as an all over powder if used carefully. This is still very sheer and needs to be built on the cheeks, but gives a lovely sugary glow to the cheek, a nice and subtle flushed look and my favourite of the blushers, great for summer.

Coralista: a very traditional blusher this one, mush more pigmented than the previous ones and you need to be a bit lighter on the hand with this one. It is a lovely peachy/coral toned blush and I like to use this one over Autumn/Winter time, preferring pinker tones for Spring/Summer.

Dallas: a good strongly pigmented blusher with a more russet tone, you have to have a very light hand with this or you will end up looking so bad! It could potentially be used as a bronzer too I guess, though you would have to dust it very, very lightly....

Below you can see the powders swatched, none of them are built up, I only rubbed my finger over them twice to get the colour shown, you could build them more if you wanted. See how sheer they are? I personally like that they are sheer, I hate harsh looking powders and blushers and prefer to build them than have one go on too heavy, but then my skin is fair/medium. Darker skin tones may not be as happy with them.

1. Georgia, 2. Dandelion,
3. 10 highlight, 3a. 10 contour, 3b. 10 mixed
4. Thrrrob, 5. Coralista, 6. Dallas


Primp and Preen said...

I totally agree with you- I think a lot of people are confused about what to use them for and this is why they don't like them, maybe bad training with the Benefit counter girls?

My faves are Coralista (although I'm the opposite of you and like pinks in winter and this in summer) and Dallas (although I don't actually have it at the moment). I also like Hoola but have to be very light handed with it as I'm pale and it can be too much on me if I don't take care.

Great post xxx

Anonymous said...

Great blog, love the benfit powders to, i think i have about 90% of them with coralista being my fav.

Blighty said...

Great post, I love Dandelion now I want to try the others too!!

BabyD @ Polish and Powder said...

thanks girls, glad you enjoyed the post :)

Renate said...

Great post, now I want them all :)

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