Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sleek Palette - Storm

Here is another of my Sleek Palette swatches/reviews. This week we have the Storm palette, I think this was one of the permanent range so you may be able to source one somewhere or find it on ebay.

My previous Sleek palette swatches can be seen here: Bohemian, Safari and Graphite.

I knew I had to get this one as it is stacked full of neutrals and makes a great staple for any cosmetic collection. Great for days when you are not feeling so brave, or just want to look more natural.

This palette has a mix of matte and shimmery, though more shimmery shades this time, nine out of the twelve. It is full of browns, beiges, with a few deeper shades of green, blue and grey for good measure.

Colours inside:

1. Beige Gold metallic
2. Buttermilk metallic
3. Beige matte
4. Gold metallic
5. Pink metallic
6. Deep red rust metallic
7. Brown metallic
8. Dark grey metallic
9. Deep moss green metallic
10. Dark navy metallic
11. Mid brown matte
12. Black matte

This is a great palette for more natural looks, though very heavy on shimmer and metallics so not as subtle as your average neutral.

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