Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sleek Palette - Graphite

Here is another of my Sleek Palette swatches/reviews. This week we have the Graphite palette, one of the limited edition palettes.

Swatches of the previously reviewed palettes can be seen here: Bohemian, Safari.

This palette was a must buy for me as I love smokey eyes and I use loads of greys, so this was just perfect for me. Being a limited edition one also made it one I had to get my hands on fast. SO on release day I went off to Superdrug and picked one up, they were flying out so quick!

This palette is really all metallics with the exception of one matte shade. It is full of greys, black, navy, purple and a couple of highlight colours. A great mix for any smokey eyed look.

Colours inside:

1. White metallic
2. Cream metallic
3. Silver metallic
4. Light grey metallic
5. Light/mid grey metallic
6. Mid grey metallic
7. Mid/dark grey metallic
8. Dark grey metallic
9. Black matte
10. Slate blue metallic
11. Navy metallic
12. Purple metallic

A great palette for smokey-eyes. Okay, so it has a lot of the same shades, but then it is designed to be for darker looks, so it does what is sets out to do, and it does it well. One of my fav ones this one.

More Sleek palettes next week!

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